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Spider Analytics

Spider 2.0 offers unparalleled hotel portfolio reporting capabilities and frees up your team to focus on strategy. Our revenue management platform automates data collection, streamlines reporting, increases productivity, and boosts hotel revenue regardless of brand or system.

Additionally, our Spider 2.0 Client Success Team is made up of the same expert Revenue Managers who support our revenue management services. This means that we truly understand your pain points and can relate to your needs. Our goal is to ensure you completely understand the value of Spider Analytics and to provide additional analytic support to your team.

Demand and event analytics so you know exactly what is driving your room night demand.
Examine your mix of business at the market segment, rate plan, and even reservation level.
Drill down into your groups to see pickup by individual block.
Monitor your competitive set and identify market trends. Data pulled directly from industry-leading hotel rate shop provider, OTA Insight

The Only Hotel Revenue Management Platform…

That integrates reservation-level data across all brand and revenue systems. Keep and enhance your existing
tech stack while unlocking powerful new analytics

Additional Solutions

Hotel Revenue Management

We specialize in working with multi-brand hotel portfolios and provide a 360 degree revenue strategy. We align our daily pricing, yield, and promotion strategies with our digital ad spend and channel placement optimization.

Digital Services

Synchronous e-commerce management and dedicated manager to optimize page placement and conversion across all online distribution channels enhancing your revenue management strategies.

Consulting Services

Custom and a la carte solutions to help build your revenue management department to suit your needs. We provide peace of mind via our task force services and extend your analytics bandwidth with custom on demand consulting projects such as feasibility, due diligence, and uncovering revenue opportunity.

Find a Solution for Your Role

Our revenue management platform works with all globally recognized brands and more independent hotel systems. Although focused on top-line, reservation-level analytics, Spider Analytics offers unique solutions to all hotel executives in representing many roles.

Hotel Ownership - Kriya RevGEN

Hotel Ownership

Hotel owners and institutional investors leverage our portfolio level analytics and roll-ups to identify broad top-level trends and can benchmark performance across multiple brands, service levels, and regions all at a glance.

Management Executive - Kriya RevGEN

Management Executive

Management Companies utilize our reporting platform as a way to view hotel performance in a brand-neutral way, allowing for quick and decisive action to be taken by the revenue management team.

Sales Executive - Kriya RevGEN

Sales Executive

Sales leaders unlock insights across their entire portfolio using account analysis tools that quickly reveal under performing accounts and areas of opportunity. Make your next RFP season more data driven and successful than ever.

Revenue Executive - Kriya RevGEN

Revenue Executive

Revenue leaders unleash their potential with the Spider platform which allows their teams to manage multiple brands with ease, while increasing efficiencies. Daily reporting ensures leaders stay in-the-know regarding the performance of their team member’s hotels.

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