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In 2020 we had a lot of fun putting together our “Travel Tuesday” and “Friday Fact” Series – scroll through to see all of the interesting facts we learned throughout the year of 2020!



Austrian Citizens have the most vacation time of any country. Austrian workers get a legal minimum of 22 paid vacation days a year and 13 paid holidays per year!



Ethiopia maintains its own calendar, which, due to a difference in the perceived date of the Annunciation, is seven to eight years behind the Gregorian Calendar!


France is the most visited country in the world with over 80 million visitors annually!



In the small town of Ortona, Italy there is a free wine fountain! Dora Sarchese Winery has opened a “free for the public” fountain serving those travelling the Camino di San Tommaso



The first Travel Agency was founded by Thomas Cook in England in 1841! It took temperance supporters from Leicester to Loughborough.



Princeton, NJ has the most people per capital that are listed in Who’s Who!



According to CNN, The Plaza Hotel in New York is “The Most Famous” hotel in the world as it has been featured in at least 7 blockbuster films!



The Aurora Ice Hotel in Alaska was closed by the fire marshal for not having smoke detectors!



The Bellagio in Las Vegas has more rooms than its namesake city has residents!



The Grande Hyatt Cannes has 5 well trained attack hawks that keep Seagulls off of the hotel grounds!



There are so many hotel rooms on the grounds of Disney World, that it would take 68 years to spend a night in each room!



The German word “Fernweh” means “far sickness”, or an intense urge to travel.



Geneva, Switzerland has the highest average hotel room cost per night at a staggering $308 USD per night!



The Izmailovo Hotel in Moscow has the most beds in a single hotel with 7,500!


The worlds oldest hotel is the Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan in Japan, in continuous operation since 705 A.D.!



Yield management started in the airline industry in the 1970’s but was quickly adopted by Marriott Hotels and rebranded as “Revenue Management”



The Giraffe Manor in Nairobi Kenya allows guests to stay up close and personal with real life Rothschild’s Giraffes!



23 of the 35 Largest hotels in the world can be found in the same 2-mile radius in Las Vegas!




McDonalds briefly opened 2 McDonalds hotels in Switzerland in 2001, but both were out of business by 2003!




The worlds largest spa resort is the Mission Hills Haikou Resort located in Hainan. At 30 sq. miles it is 1.5 times larger than Manhattan!



The most expensive room service in the world is found in Las Vegas, with an average of $68!



Wifi is actually the #1 most requested room amenity in hotels worldwide, beating out even a bathroom!





The Null Stern is an open-air hotel which consists of nothing more than the bed and linens!



The San Alfonso Del Mar resort in Chile has the world’s largest pool at 20 acres in area and 66 million gallons in volume!



The Tremont House in Boston was the first hotel with indoor plumbing and indoor toilets and baths! We’re glad this caught on!




Turkeys have the same chance of getting pardoned as a person does playing the powerball jackpot!




When China’s Anbang insurance purchased the Waldorf Astoria for $1.95 Billion in 2014 it was the largest Hotel transaction ever, a record still held to this day!



Chow Ka Fai holds the record for fastest bed-making by an individual at 1 minute and 9 seconds




The Gevora Hotel in Dubai is the worlds tallest hotel at 1,169 feet tall!