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Throughout 2020 we shared lots of one-page learning series to help you learn more about revenue management, but also tips and tricks on how to maximize your revenues. Just in case you missed any, check out this compilation of everything we put together!


In December we showed you how to boost ancillary revenues at your hotel:


boosting ancillary revenue for your hotel

This guide gives you 5 actionable tips you can use to boost ancillary revenue streams at your hotel



In June, we put out this one-pager which helped explain the concept of average length of stay, or ALOS which is an important metric every revenue manager should know.

Average Length of Stay Guide

This infographic helps to explain the concept of average length of stay, or ALOS.


This one-pager from July helped explain the concept of Transient vs Group segmentation, and showed some of the market segments that live within the larger Transient segment:


Transient Segmentation

Helps to explain different transient segments you can use to better segment guests at your hotel.

In August, we put out this job-aid on forecasting – this is useful, especially in the time of COVID to help revenue managers better forecast hotel revenues in the midst of a pandemic.

Hotel Revenue Management 2020 Forecasting Tips

Tips for forecasting hotel room revenues during the COVID pandemic.

This one pager below from June helped demystify the GDS it’s important to know as much about the GDS as possible, as many corporate bookings still use the GDS as their source:

Global Distribution System Guide - Basics

This guide helps explain the basics of the GDS (Global Distribution System) primarily used for hotel business travel.

COVID or not, it’s always important to have a good, accurate compset for your hotel – this one-pager showed some of the major factor that go in to choosing a compset for your hotel.

Choosing a competitive set guide

This guide helps you to identify a compset or “competitive set” for your hotel.

When Fall 2021 rolls around, you can always refer back to this one-pager we put out in September which gives you some ideas for Fall packages and promos for hotels that you can incorporate into your revenue management calls.

Fall promos and packages

Tips for keeping content and packages and promos fresh for hotels entering the fall season

This guide shows you the power of Market Segmentation for hotels – if you are looking at the market segment level you can take away deeper, more actionable insights!


This next guide from July was all about how to price double bed rooms – this guide is useful if your hotel has these room-types, be sure to use this guide when it comes time to change those room type upcharges!

room type upcharge guide - two bed roomtypes

Guide that helps you decide on how to price room types with 2 beds.

Although this guide was aimed at Q4 2020, there are still plenty of takeaways that ring true in any year, be sure to pull this guide out next time October, November, and December creep up so you have actionable strategies you can bring to your revenue meeting.

Q4 Hotel Demand Tips

Tips on driving demand to your hotel during Q4 2020

This next guide helped to explain the hot-button issue of resort fees – much hated and often misunderstood, check out this guide to understand them better!


Infographic about resort fees

Resort fees, facility fees, are much reviled by guests, but this guide will help you understand the pros and cons.

This hotel government guide is a great resource to print out and keep at the front desk – if anyone on your team is unsure of how per diem hotel travel work, or who qualifies for government rates this should help you and your team better understand the complexities of the government segment.

Government Travel Guide

Guide for per diem government hotel travel


Feel free to download, print, or share any of these guides if they will help your hotel drive revenue!