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This past Friday was RevGEN’s Annual Halloween Costume Contest! Help us pick our winner! We were able to narrow the field down to 4, but now we have a conundrum – we need help from you to pickup our costume contest WINNER from our 4 finalists! Keep reading for a brief run down of our top 4 contenders!


Finalist #1: Pickle Rick

(Victor Cartagena)

THE PAYOFF IS HUGE! – If nothing else, Victor wins our zaniest costume award, but what about best overall? Does he get your vote?


Finalist #2: LTFG Goose Bradshaw from Top Gun
(Josh Clem)

We had to politely request that he not recreate the volleyball scene, but otherwise very solid execution from Mr. Clem… does he get your vote?


Finalist #3: It’s Britney, witch

(Gelma Barillas)

This isn’t the only day that Gelma brings Diva energy to the office, by the way ๐Ÿ˜‚ย  – does she get your vote?

Finalist #4: Quailman from Doug!

(Jeff Eskew)

Let’s be honest here, Jeff probably deserves your vote simply for wearing tighty whities to work. Execution = 10/10