A quick tour around the new office!

In case you didn’t hear the news, we moved from Irving,TX to Grapevine earlier this year! If you haven’t had a chance to come by and say hi in person, here’s a mini photo-tour that should give you a quick run-down of our new digs. Hope you enjoy!


Here’s a view as soon as you get out of the elevator!


Heading inside the office you’ll get a chance to meet our awesome Admin director, Elysia!


Here’s a look at our conference room; there’s a retractable glass wall that slides across the room to add a bit of privacy, but we were feeling the open look today:

Across from the conference table is our time-line. There’s a lot of history here, from the beginnings of Kriya Hotels all the way to present day!

Here’s the lounge where we have Thursday Training, and Friday Brainstorm sessions.

Where the big-wigs sit (Nina’s Office)

Our breakfast area, complete with our dry-erase wall where we put birthdays, announcements.

Our outdoor lounge is a great spot to hang out and eat lunch (when it’s not 103 degrees out):

Bill’s office


Here’s our conference room with our new table!

Last but not least, here’s where the magic happens: the control center of RevGEN:



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