Meet the Team: Tameka Bullard

1. Where are you originally from? A small little town in northeast Texas called Jefferson 2. What is your favorite food? Anything Tex-Mex, preferably chicken or steak fajitas 3. What do you like/dislike about Dallas? I despise the 5pm traffic but I enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Dallas 4. What do you miss the most about home? My family 5.


Resort Fees – The RevGEN Reply Episode 2 out now!

So why are resort fees the talk of the hospitality world this week, and why have things finally come to a head now? Be sure to watch our latest edition of the RevGEN reply to hear our takes on the latest resort fee drama.   If you’re late to the game, here’s a quick catch-up of what’s happened: announced


Meet the Team: Mayur Muralidhar

Where are you originally from? Although born and raised in Dubai, UAE, I moved to Bangalore, India for High School and College, so that’s where home is now. What is your favorite food? Pizza, can’t go through a week without it! What do you like/dislike about Dallas? Really like the variety of cuisines that are available in the city. It


Meet the Team: Robin Galaro

1. Where are you originally from? A small town in suburban Connecticut named Bethel, it’s about an hour outside of New York City. 2. What is your favorite food? I honestly don’t have a favorite food, I love everything. But since I’m Italian, I guess I would have to say Italian food. 3. What do you like/dislike about Dallas? Coming


Case Study: Using Rate Evolution and Booking Window Analysis to tell a story

In this case study we will be looking at what I think are two neglected metrics: Rate Evolution and Booking Window Analysis to show you why you should: 1.      Price your hotel realistically more than a month out, even with strong base business. 2.      Be more cognizant of pickup in the medium-term window. 3.      Maintain a steady upward trend in your pricing strategy leading up to arrival. Rate evolution and booking


Kriya RevGEN Case Study – Manhattan Boutique Hotel

Kriya RevGEN Case Study New York City Boutique Hotel For this case study, we’re looking at a great little boutique hotel that we started working with in July of 2018. Since beginning with this hotel we’ve been able to make some big improvements in key indices mainly by optimizing market mix. Keep reading to see what sets our RM service


Meet the Team: Sarah Stackpole

Where are you originally from? Born and raised in Houston, TX!  What is your favorite food? I could eat pizza all day, every day. With how many different combinations there are nowadays (meatlovers, gluten free, veggie), the options are endless! What do you like/dislike about Dallas? I like how I am able to live and explore a new part of


Panic Rates – New York City Edition (Case Study)

If there is one city where revenue managers have got things figured out, it has to be New York City, right? Although the demand drivers have changed a bit over the years (my dutch fur trading LNR’s are down 100% since the 1600’s, for reference) Manhattan remains one of, if not the most high demand market on the planet. When


4 Predictions for the Hotel Industry in 2019

  1. Things continue to get nasty between hotels and Airbnb AirBnB is in a unique spot heading into 2019, but may be poised to take a beating. As hotel brands and other startups continue to grey the area between residential and hotel accommodations, and local governments continue to crack down on short term rentals, it seems as though things


Kriya RevGEN: A Look Back

It's been five years.  We started Kriya RevGEN five years ago with just a few hotels, a couple Excel spreadsheets, and a lot of questions.  Why was revenue management the way it was?  While it seemed that so many industries were gaining technological momentum so quickly, the hotel industry seemed to lag behind. Why was that?  Why was it so