In the Spotlight: Advance Purchase Discounts

In the Spotlight: Advance Purchase Discounts There are two types of people in the world:  those who book advance purchase discounts and those who do not. I am firmly in the latter camp although there are plenty of arguments for and against. Who am I to impose my neurotic, worrisome tendencies on to you the reader, who have the right



In light of recent news (they say there’s no such thing as bad press, right United?!), Kriya RevGEN figured we would share our insights in hotel overbooking strategies. The perfect sell is the holy grail of hotel revenue management but is often preceded by operational fear of the dreaded walk! Here are a few tips to manage overbooking at your


Man vs. Machine

If you don’t know what hurdle points are, please see my video A quality that I tend to notice in good revenue managers is a willingness to question the status quo, and actively experiment with the various tools at their exposure to try to exact extraordinary outcomes. Back in the fall 2014 I attended a revenue management course hosted by one


Our Top 6 Trends for 2017

Last year we put together a list of our predictions for hotels in the coming months.  Read it here, and be the judge on how right or wrong we were.  While we may have over speculated on some, we were pretty spot on regarding more brand regulations and more love for the OTAs. Read below for our predictions for 2017.


Meet the Team: Adam the Big Cheese!

Adam is one of our newer Revenue Analysts having worked here for almost 6 months. He may be a self proclaimed “man of few words,” but you can read below to learn more about Adam! You can check back in our newsletter over the coming months to learn more about our growing team. If you’re interested in a position as a revenue manager,


What is ADR Breakage?

Do you want to break the code on ADR Breakage? To an outsider, the revenue manager’s lexicon may often seem like a confusing amalgamation of newspeak, decipherable only with a Ouija glass or enigma machine.  Examples that spring to mind are “perfect sell”, “fenced”, “OTB”, “BAR”, and “OTA”  just to name a few. A term that fits firmly in that


Meet the Team: Grace the Ace!

Grace is one of our new Revenue Analysts having started 3 months ago. Read below to learn some fun facts about Grace, and check back in our newsletter over the coming months to learn more about our growing team. If you’re interested in a position as a revenue manager, analyst, or intern at Kriya RevGEN, see our Career page here for more information.


If You Read Any Article on the OTA vs. Brand War, Make It This One

After spending a whole week travelling throughout Texas and meeting hotel owners and operators from all brands and walks of life at the Expedia Market Expo, it should come as no surprise that Kriya RevGEN is a proponent of the OTAs.  We’ve long stressed that we don’t believe in the brand’s approach that “ is the only way to go, and


Portfolio Level Sneak Peek!

Our Portfolio Roll-up is the newest feature in the portal for all multi unit hotel operators! While we are still working on some finishing touches, we are almost complete with this section in the portal. It gives hotel owners a quick effortless way to look at a summary of the performance across all hotels in their portfolio in the mornings. The daily Portfolio


Interesting Facts about Hotel Performance in July!

Curious which states had the highest RevPAR in July? Or which states are seeing the most change? According to some recent data from STR, Hawaii consistently has the highest RevPAR both in July and 2016 year-to-date due to its extremely high ADR, which can likely be attributed to Hawaii serving as a classic year round vacation destination. Washington DC has