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We just released a new Summary Tab enhancement! In our Daily OTB Statistics Module, we have combined the most important sections of each of the individual tabs into one Summary Tab! This includes all the On The Books stats you’ve come to expect, Recommendation Tool including Optimal BAR recommendations, Pick Up, Competitive Set Rate Shop, and detailed BAR Based Statistics. This will provide a much more seamless experience in the portal, decreasing the amount of flipping back and forth that is necessary to get a full overview! This will make calls more efficient, and help owners and managers navigate the portal quickly.  Don’t worry about missing out on information from other tabs though. The Daily OTB Statistics Module still has all the detail you could ever need between rate plan and market segment production, daily market segment level forecasts, transient and group pick-up and much more.  The Summary tab just puts all the most important details at your fingertips.  Schedule a demo today to learn more and see for yourself with your own data!