Panic Rates – New York City Edition (Case Study)

If there is one city where revenue managers have got things figured out, it has to be New York City, right? Although the demand drivers have changed a bit over the years (my dutch fur trading LNR’s are down 100% since the 1600’s, for reference) Manhattan remains one of, if not the most high demand market on the planet. When


4 Predictions for the Hotel Industry in 2019

  1. Things continue to get nasty between hotels and Airbnb AirBnB is in a unique spot heading into 2019, but may be poised to take a beating. As hotel brands and other startups continue to grey the area between residential and hotel accommodations, and local governments continue to crack down on short term rentals, it seems as though things


Kriya RevGEN: A Look Back

It's been five years.  We started Kriya RevGEN five years ago with just a few hotels, a couple Excel spreadsheets, and a lot of questions.  Why was revenue management the way it was?  While it seemed that so many industries were gaining technological momentum so quickly, the hotel industry seemed to lag behind. Why was that?  Why was it so

Take your Revenue Management Back!

Lately, I’ve been in contact with a lot of hotel management groups interested in taking their revenue management in house. Maybe they’re looking for more control of their hotels, better service, or cost savings. Whatever the case is, I applaud them and am passionate about helping them. Five years ago, I helped Kriya Hotels take their RM in house. They

Our Take: Wyndham Acquires LQ!

Big things keep getting bigger; Jeff Bezos’ bank account balance has gone from an integerto a long data type, Bitcoin keeps reaching new hi- (wait. nevermind), and the Wyndham hotel group – already the largest by property count—has now added a whole new portfolio of midscale hotels thanks to its latest corporate endocytosis. Make no mistake, another big acquisition was to be expected, the


Twelve Days of Bad Occupancy

The holidays are almost here, and it’s the most wonderful time of the year! Right? Right!?  If you’re a hotel owner or operator, maybe not. Now is the best time to think about your holiday strategy, before the holiday season gets away from you. We’ve put together our top twelve tips for the twelve days of Christmas to help you


Six Tips: Room Type Upcharges

The first hotel that I ever worked at was a relatively small 70 room property with 4 floors. Almost everything about the hotel was quite standard: a 2.5 Star property about 3 miles from a major NFL stadium and just a few miles from a major Amusement Park. We were busy in the Summer; our weekends almost always fared better


Hotel Hierarchy of Needs

One of the major frustrations when talking to owners, operators, and virtually anyone in the hospitality industry about revenue management is how quickly the conversation turns to the absolute loftiest talking points about revenue management, while neglecting the bread-and-butter of what our profession is really about: making you money. When talking to prospective clients, often the first thing I get



In light of recent news (they say there’s no such thing as bad press, right United?!), Kriya RevGEN figured we would share our insights in hotel overbooking strategies. The perfect sell is the holy grail of hotel revenue management but is often preceded by operational fear of the dreaded walk! Here are a few tips to manage overbooking at your


Our Top 6 Trends for 2017

Last year we put together a list of our predictions for hotels in the coming months.  Read it here, and be the judge on how right or wrong we were.  While we may have over speculated on some, we were pretty spot on regarding more brand regulations and more love for the OTAs. Read below for our predictions for 2017.