2020 Client Satisfaction Survey Winner – Debbie Hartley!

Every year, Kriya RevGEN sends out a client satisfaction to all of our wonderful clients to give us invaluable feedback on how we can further improve our service and reporting. In order to sweeten the deal a bit, everyone who completes a survey is entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card, and we’re proud to announce that this year Debbie


Pricing Models 101 – Revenue Management Guide

Pricing Models   There are multiple pricing models currently in use in the world of revenue management.  Each model has its benefits and drawbacks and while there is no ‘best’ pricing model, each one is fascinating to learn about and helps develop your analytical thinking and problem solving skills as a revenue manager.          Traditional Model (“rate


Our Best Revenue Management Memes of 2020!

Here they are! Our best Hotel Revenue Management Memes of 2020!                                                                                                  


2020 Roundup: RevGEN Learning Series! (Shareable Revenue Management Guides)

Throughout 2020 we shared lots of one-page learning series to help you learn more about revenue management, but also tips and tricks on how to maximize your revenues. Just in case you missed any, check out this compilation of everything we put together!   In December we showed you how to boost ancillary revenues at your hotel:      


Revenue Manager Cheat Sheet – Government Rates

Have you ever needed a guide that you can share with your front desk teams to help them improve coding and be more confident when offering the various government rates? If so, then share this guide on your next revenue call to help clear things up!   Click here to download a pdf of our Government Cheat-Sheet   In case


Government Per Diem Tips and Tricks

  Don’t forget to look forward and get your hotel set up for success for 2021! The new Government per diem rates for 2021 came out last week and you want to make sure that your market didn’t make any big changes. If rates have changed and you did not check the new rate structure, you could be missing tons


Revenue Management During a Hurricane

As we all know, unexpected occurrences always can pop up for our properties and markets. Going into the 3rd Quarter of every year, the Hurricane season reveals its troubling presence to our hotels near the coast. Our first thought is to focus on the safety and preparation, but you cannot forget that hurricanes do still pose unique opportunities. A few


A quick tour around the new office!

In case you didn’t hear the news, we moved from Irving,TX to Grapevine earlier this year! If you haven’t had a chance to come by and say hi in person, here’s a mini photo-tour that should give you a quick run-down of our new digs. Hope you enjoy!   Here’s a view as soon as you get out of the


Our Growth Mapped!

This week we’re looking at our growth in another way: geographically! When we first started offering revenue management services we only had a handful of properties in our home-state of Texas, and a few in Oklahoma as well. Fast forward only a few years and we are now in over 30 States! It’s been a whirlwind of growth these past


Resort Fees – The RevGEN Reply Episode 2 out now!

So why are resort fees the talk of the hospitality world this week, and why have things finally come to a head now? Be sure to watch our latest edition of the RevGEN reply to hear our takes on the latest resort fee drama.   If you’re late to the game, here’s a quick catch-up of what’s happened: announced