10 Revenue Management Tips to Crush Your Event Competition

I love revenue management, especially during events. They are what separate the professionals from the amateurs, the men from the boys. With most STR results, amateur revenue managers can hide their failures behind a strong corporate base, groups, or even brand presence. With a high demand event, there are no excuses. The revenue manager should be held almost solely accountable for


Hotel Revenue Management & Hotel Operations – Working Together

You hear a lot about the importance of Hotel Revenue Management and Sales teams working together, but you rarely hear the importance of Revenue Management and Operations working together. Besides the obvious notion that a dirty hotel with poor service will make any revenue management strategy inconsequential, impactful Revenue Management depends greatly on the front desk’s ability to quote and


Getting Started with Hotel Revenue Management

Basic hotel revenue management strategies for the summer Effective Revenue Management is about winning the war, not just the battle. One of the most common mistakes I have found Owners, General Managers, and even Revenue Managers make is focusing on one particular high demand date in a silo and not considering what maximizes revenue throughout the entire week or even


Budget Season Insights

Whether you are just beginning the process of budgeting for next year or if budget season is now behind you, below are some tips to keep in mind to build a successful budget for years to come. At Kriya RevGEN, we like to consider revenue management and budgeting, both a science AND an art, and we feel the numbers, while