COVID-19 Outbreak’s Impact On The US Hotel Industry

In this video, Bill, Adam, & Laura discuss the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on the hotel industry across the nation. Video transcript: Laura: Today we’ll be talking about a topic that not too many people have talked about- Coronavirus, just kidding. Bill: Dun dun duuun… Laura: So we wanted to briefly touch upon how it’s been impacting some of


The RevGEN Action Plan For Hotels During The COVID-19 Outbreak

Laura, Bill, and Adam discuss strategies for hotels to combat the COVID-19 Outbreak through RevGEN’s 5-step action plan normally used to mitigate losses for struggling hotels. Video transcript: Laura: We’re trying to mitigate our losses as much as we can. We’ve always had this thing called low-demand checklist at Kriya RevGEN and we use it whenever we have a property


A quick tour around the new office!

In case you didn’t hear the news, we moved from Irving,TX to Grapevine earlier this year! If you haven’t had a chance to come by and say hi in person, here’s a mini photo-tour that should give you a quick run-down of our new digs. Hope you enjoy!   Here’s a view as soon as you get out of the


Our Growth Mapped!

This week we’re looking at our growth in another way: geographically! When we first started offering revenue management services we only had a handful of properties in our home-state of Texas, and a few in Oklahoma as well. Fast forward only a few years and we are now in over 30 States! It’s been a whirlwind of growth these past


Resort Fees – The RevGEN Reply Episode 2 out now!

So why are resort fees the talk of the hospitality world this week, and why have things finally come to a head now? Be sure to watch our latest edition of the RevGEN reply to hear our takes on the latest resort fee drama.   If you’re late to the game, here’s a quick catch-up of what’s happened: announced


Our Take: Wyndham Acquires LQ!

Big things keep getting bigger; Jeff Bezos’ bank account balance has gone from an integerto a long data type, Bitcoin keeps reaching new hi- (wait. nevermind), and the Wyndham hotel group – already the largest by property count—has now added a whole new portfolio of midscale hotels thanks to its latest corporate endocytosis. Make no mistake, another big acquisition was to be expected, the


Gujarat in Texas!

This summer is an exciting time for Kriya RevGEN! Not only did we launch our internship program with our first ever summer intern, Ryan Saylor from Purdue University (read more about Ryan here), but we also welcome two of our talented software developers, Harikrishna Patel and Kaushik Prajapati, to our Texas office! Harikrishna “Hari” and Kaushik hail all the way