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Your new hotel is in the perfect location, next to the hottest area in town! But there is only one problem, you’re still not selling rooms… Even when your CompSet is selling out night-after-night. Why?

Needless to say, location is everything for a hotel right? Well yes it is but in our day and age there are numerous “locations” to consider for your hotel. Outside of its physical location it is just as, if not more important to consider your placement on Digital Channels such as OTAs, Social Media, TripAdvisor, and Google.

If you’re still wondering why a hotel in a great location needs to direct some attention to focus on its digital channels then think about it like this: The audience that you’re trying to capture as guests are not familiar with the area like you are – they don’t know which areas to look for hotels in.


Now the hard part… it is time to claim ALL of your digital channels. Some are pretty easy to gain access to whether it be a quick email to the market manager of the OTA you’re trying to get set up on or a simple verification process to claim your hotel on TripAdvisor. Or making a business page on Facebook and adding the TripAdvisor add-on & the Book Now button. What else is left? Now you need to verify your business on the largest of the online visibility beasts – Google.

If you’re flying a big brand flag then you should start by reaching out brand rep to get access to your Google my Business Listing, as they usually own all the listings for their hotel franchises. This sounds easier than it actually is, in my experience the brands don’t trust anyone so even though you own the hotel it will take some persuasion.

Independent hotels have it easier as far as registering their business with Google. All you’ll need to do is simply set up a Business Listing on Google. Now that that is done you’ll need to verify your business. This can take anywhere from 4-52 weeks depending on how Google feels and how good you are at getting your way. Google is a huge company so imagine how much of a hassle the phone relay will be when you try to call them to speak to the right person… Trust me – it is not fun.


You might be wondering why this is important. Why should I spend so much time getting set up on Google when no one uses Google+?
The answer is simple: It is so you show up in google search results!

Have you ever seen this box in your Google search results?















Or maybe you’ve seen these lodging icons show up on Google Maps?















Verifying your hotel with Google allows you to be visible on these great features of google and much more.


I hope this helps some of you find your way into better placement in digital channels, remember there are tons of ways to move up in ranking on OTAs, TripAdvisor, Google, etc… but quite frankly I’m not here to write a book. But, if you think you need some assistance or need some more information I’d encourage you to fill out the form below!



By: Ben Eddy, Revenue & E-Commerce Analyst