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After lots of waiting, anticipation, blood, sweat, and tears, we’re excited to finally announce that our Kriya RevGEN Connect Portal is now a reality! While it’s still in a test environment, we’re giving several of our Connect Clients the chance to use the Connect Portal.  Contact us today if you want to test it out!

As a Kriya RevGEN Connect client (learn more about Connect here) you’ll be able to answer the following questions:

  • How much revenue did my Connect website book yesterday? This month? Last year?
  • What is my ADR on my Connect website compared to
  • Which reservations came through my Connect website?
  • Does my site perform better on mobile or desktop?
  • How do people find my website?
  • Which page is performing the best on my Connect website?

If you can’t answer those same questions with your current hotel website provider, it’s time to find a new website provider.  Not only does Kriya RevGEN offer beautiful, custom, mobile-friendly sites with our web-based Connect portal (included free!), we also optimize your site monthly. In your monthly optimization, expect either new pieces of fresh content written by our creative team based off a robust SpyFu keyword research report (also free!) or a technical optimization specifically targeted to help drive traffic to your site.  You’ll also have a dedicated Connect account manager located right here in our Irving, TX offices.

Don’t feel limited by your site.   Contact us today for a Connect Website and, as with all things Kriya RevGEN, get more of your data at your fingertips today!