Digital Marketing Strategies for your Hotel

Watch this video to learn about digital marketing solutions to better advertise your hotel!

Video Transcript:

Laura: There’s a lot of confusion right now, a lot of owners coming to us saying “What is this, what is this IHG Boost, or Level up,” they all have different names, “what is Hilton Advanced, what is Hilton Elevate, what is Hilton Amplify?” There are literally three different names for all the different funding programs that Hilton is running right now. So it can get very confusing, I understand that, but you kind of need to think about it, there’s like a lot of different ways you can spend your money. So meta is one of them, that’s basically getting your listing to the top of the listings pages, above all the OTAs. There’s Search and Display ads, where there’s a display where you have an ad for your property as, like, a banner ad on a website. There’s travel ads, which we all know Expedia travel ads, it’s getting your travel ad to the top of the page. There’s TripAdvisor Sponsored Listing, it’s getting your listing on Tripadvisor to the tops, not only does Tripadvisor have Sponsored Listing, they also have meta. And they have Business Listing, yeah, they have Instant Booking, they’ve got costs per click. There’s all sorts of ways you can spend your money. Great news is, Kriya RevGEN lets you do it all!

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