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This month has been busy as usual, but we snuck in some fun stuff too!



In July we got a chance to get out to the ballpark in Frisco and cheer on our Roughriders to victory! Also a few of our fully-remote employees started to get their care packages from OTA Insight which included some awesome swag!


On the product side we made some pretty big enhancements that we think you’ll be excited about!

First, we added a major enhancement: Room Type Categories! One major complaint that we were hearing from clients was that the room type analysis table in the Day by day module was too unwieldy! It’s not uncommon for your hotels to sometimes have 10, 15, or 20+ room types, so analysis with that many room types was understandably too much. Our resolution to this issue was to allow you to create categories, meaning that you can now shelve similar room types into categories for quicker and more in-depth analysis.


Our other enhancements were also super impactful too – our next update was a much-requested enhancement that helps improve transparency and data quality: Data Processing Alerts. Now, within each module of spider there are indicators which will tell you exactly when the most recent data was received and processed, so you can be assured that you are looking at the most up-to-date information!

Our last enhancement affects the Portfolio + Executive Dashboards. We added 2 new tabs: a Budget and Last Year tab which will better allow you to do a deep-dive on these two important metrics.


Thanks for reading, and as always stay posted for more updates coming in August!