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This June we’ve been busy meeting with clients, philanthropy events, and of course- updating and improving Spider!


As usual, here’s a quick update of a few major things we’ve done this month: Daniel and Chase had the opportunity to attend a leadership summit of one of our long-time clients Icon lodging. There they gave a presentation on how Sales and Operation can use Spider to make their lives easier! Afterwards they attended a super fun team-building event with the Icon folks! Later in the month we had some philanthropic fun, helping at a Habitat for Humanity build in Ft. Worth! Also, we added some great new talent to the team: Lexi, Chattie, Liz, and Colby!

On to our enhancements this week…

Spider 2.0 Enhancements


For the video-showcase this month, we wanted to dedicate an entire video to the length-of-stay and arrival date drilldown within the snapshot and day by day modules. This enhancement has been very popular so we wanted to make sure we added some visibility to this impactful addition to the platform.


Another enhancement we made to the platform this month was the new Hierarchy Filter options within the Market Segment Drilldown module. Now, when building custom reports within this module you can now add hierarchy filters for Year, Month, and Day of Week! This is great for more advanced analysis of individual rate plans, companies, and market segments.

Our last major enhancement this month was the expansion of the market segment view within the Day by Day module. Now, when doing market segment analysis, Spider will show all market segments for the date range, just like in the RevPAK export!


That wraps up June! Come back in July for even more!