Kriya RevGEN: A Look Back

It’s been five years.  We started Kriya RevGEN five years ago with just a few hotels, a couple Excel spreadsheets, and a lot of questions.  Why was revenue management the way it was?  While it seemed that so many industries were gaining technological momentum so quickly, the hotel industry seemed to lag behind. Why was that?  Why was it so hard to capture all the data that already existed in the central reservation system? Why were we making important pricing decisions with so few metrics?  And why was everyone just okay with that?

Now five years, 150 clients, 12 US team members, 2 India team members, and a full team of dedicated developers later, we are asking a new question.  How can we make what we’ve already done easier, smarter and better?

It’s taken us almost a year, but we are excited to finally introduce Spider Analytics by Kriya RevGEN. We started by completely restructuring our database allowing Spider to perform faster than ever before.  Then we got rid of a lot of the unnecessary tabs and modules that didn’t make sense in a new, cleaner streamlined UI. Finally and most importantly, we identified all the things that our users found most important and made them better:

Only the most important daily and monthly stats in an emailed roll-up every day along with links to all our modules at your fingertips
A daily snapshot so robust, you can run a whole revenue call from it
Portfolio snapshot showing the same stats for every hotel you manage (yes, all the brands) also emailed to you daily
Pick-up and OTB stats for an entire year every day so you never miss a hot date
Searchable, sort-able reservation info
and that’s just the beginning!

Because we are celebrating a big milestone, we wanted to take a look back at some of the history of Kriya RevGEN to see how far we’ve come.

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