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March 2022 has been an eventful month so far (as usual) and we’d love to share some of what’s been going on at HQ in Grapevine!


  1. First, our recruiting has been in full swing as our team continues to grow! This month we visited University of Houston’s Hilton College of Global Hospitality (who recently had a big name change, by the way!), University of Texas at Arlington (Go Mavs!), and Oklahoma State (go pokes!). We loved getting a chance to speak to all of the bright new promising talent at the career fairs! Thanks to each of the schools for hosting us!
  2. We had our first ping pong tournament! It was actually a doubles tournament, but the important thing is that our winners were Daniel Foreman & Rachael Vaden!!!
  3. Gino from OTA Insights stopped by to see our Grapevine office! OTA Insights has been a valued partner and rate shop provider for several years, and it was great to finally get to meet one of the big-wigs in person! Thanks for stopping by Gino!


In the midst of all of those happenings, our product team has been diligently working on some exciting new enhancements to Spider 2.0 that we hope you will be excited about!


Our biggest update this month was adding the Pickup Heat Map by Property to the portfolio + executive dashboards. Lots of clients with multi-hotel portfolios requested this enhancement, and we agree that it is a great way to slice the data! Check out the video below for a showcase of this enhancement!



First, we added some cool new status indicators to hotels in the Portfolio + Executive Dashboards as well as the Portfolio Daily Glance. These simple yellow + green indicators let you know exactly where each hotel is at in the morning ETL process.

Example of the status indicators as they appear in a portfolio daily glance email

Example of the status indicators in a portfolio dashboard, captured right in the middle of the morning ETL process!


Next up, we also added a cool new functionality where portfolio admins and higher can activate a setting which automatically attaches a 365-day-outlook excel attachment to any given hotel or portfolio! This is great for those detail oriented among us who want an excel attachment they can download and open up for even more detailed analysis of the numbers!



Also, March has been the first month where our client success program has entered full swing! If you a Spider 2.0 client with a sizeable portfolio be on the look-out for your intro-email with instructions on how to set up your first touchpoint call with one of the CS team members!

Thanks for reading, and get ready for big announcements in April!