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We’re back at it again this month with more enhancements! Read on to learn which modules have been improved!



But first, here’s a little update for you regarding what RevGEN has been up to! In May Bill got a chance to attend an OTA Insight leadership summit in Belgium where we got a chance to put faces with names and enjoy some great Belgian beer and scenery; I’m being told there may have also been some business involved as well!

On to our enhancements this week…


Spider 2.0 Enhancements


Did you know that users with access to Portfolio and Executive Dashboards can now filter hotels by DORM? Watch the video above to see this enhancement in action!



Our next enhancement affects the OTB drilldowns in the Hotel Snapshot and Day by Day modules. We added an Arrival Date and Length of Stay column, so now when a user drills down to the reservation level, they can see exactly when a reservation is arriving, and how long the length of stay is!


Our final enhancement allows users to customize their Daily Glance email! Users can opt to include or exclude the “Yesterday Market Segmentation” table and “Monthly Summary” table on the daily glance email. This customization is made at the Portfolio Settings level, so be sure you read the job aid to understand exactly what you’re modifying!



That’s all for us in May! Stay tuned for our June enhancement blog!