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1. Where are you originally from?

Columbus, OH

2. What is your favorite food?

Filet Mignon

3. Where is your favorite restaurant in Dallas?

Hard Eight BBQ / Jam+Toast for breakfast

4. What do you miss the most about home?

Autumn & college football tailgating

5. Where did you attend college?

The Ohio State University

6. When did you start working for Kriya RevGEN?

October 2019

7. Did you have any previous experience?

My background is in hotel operations, both full and limited service.  Additionally, I spent time working in the golf department at a country club.

8. What made you want to join the RevGEN team?

The culture and the opportunity to work with several revenue management experts.  I knew this was the career path I wanted to take and Kriya uniquely differentiates themselves from other hotel companies.

9. What is your favorite office lunch spot?

J. Macklins

10. Favorite hotel chain/brand to manage?


12. What genre of music sets the mood for your workday?

Lo-fi is the best workday music.  Very chill and relaxed with limited lyrics.

13. Name one thing about yourself that most people wouldn’t guess.

I have been horseback riding through the hills of Ireland and repelled off the Blarney Stone Castle.

14. Hobbies?

Playing golf and tennis.  Being outdoors.  Traveling, visiting historical buildings or landmarks, I enjoy reading/watching history and documentaries.

15. What are you most looking forward to while working at Kriya RevGEN?

The opportunity to work with several hotels across different states and different brands.  To play a vital role of the hotel’s overall success.