Meet the Team: Daniel Foreman

1. Where are you originally from?
Grand Prairie AKA “Gun Point” TX.

2. What is your favorite food?
I can’t say no to Tex-Mex, but Thai is a close 2nd.

3. Where is your favorite restaurant in Dallas?
The mole at el Bolero is amazing – The fact that you can take a burrowing mammal and make it into a sauce that savory is really something.

4. What do you miss the most about home?
ALREADY THERE (I grew up in DFW).

5. Where did you attend college?
1 Year at the University of North Texas and the rest of my college days were spent at THE University of Texas at Arlington where I studied Finance.

6. When did you start working for Kriya RevGEN?
March 2015 – for cultural reference “Uptown Funk” and that ukulele song ‘Riptide’ were the biggest songs when I started at RevGEN.

7. Did you have any previous experience?
Before working at Kriya RevGEN I worked for a management company that owned/managed hotels in both Texas and Oklahoma called Premier Hospitality (I was a regional RM).

8. What made you want to join the RevGEN team?
I met Bill at an IHG training and heard about the plans for the company, and the combination of technology + service intrigued me so I figured I’d go for it!

9. What is your favorite office lunch spot?
Hmmm… were just close enough to Southlake that we can occasionally sneak over there for Friday lunch – I was very impressed by Dragon House Chinese!

10. Favorite hotel chain/brand to manage?
Lately, Hilton has been my favorite!

11. If you were to create a slogan for your life what would the slogan be?
How many @dril tweets can I put here

12. What genre of music sets the mood for your workday?
Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Sungura because it’s unendingly cheery stuff, otherwise, Shoegaze is in my rotation.

13. Name one thing about yourself that most people wouldn’t guess.
I raised blue ribbon hogs and won the Iowa state fair 1st prize for my Wessex Saddleback “Duchess” three years in a row in 2004, 2005, and 2006.

Wait, never mind that was just a dream I had.

14. Hobbies?
I’m trying to get more into running, I’m a big personal finance nerd, and trying new restaurants. The ‘dark triad’ as it’s known.

15. What are you most looking forward to while working at Kriya RevGEN?
Let’s see where this goes! I think we are at a big tipping point where we are going to really break into big things on the technology side.

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