Meet the Team: Mayur Muralidhar

  1. Where are you originally from?

Although born and raised in Dubai, UAE, I moved to Bangalore, India for High School and College, so that’s where home is now.

  1. What is your favorite food?

Pizza, can’t go through a week without it!

  1. What do you like/dislike about Dallas?

Really like the variety of cuisines that are available in the city. It gives me a chance to eat food from all over the world without traveling too far.

  1. What do you miss the most about home?

Mom’s cooking. That’s the only thing I have in mind each time I fly back home! I haven’t tasted anything that beats her cooking yet.

  1. What college/university did you attend?

I went to the University of Texas at Arlington for my master’s degree in Computer Science and BMS College of Engineering for my bachelor’s degree in Information Science and Engineering in Bangalore, India.

  1. What is it like to work at Kriya RevGEN in a position that is not involved in revenue management?

It is a very unique experience to work in a position not related to revenue management here at Kriya RevGEN, it feels like everyone around me is speaking a different language! But thanks to the training that happens every week, and everyone answering all my Revenue Management questions, I’m slowly learning the “language”.

  1. Did you have any previous experience?

Before joining Kriya and starting my master’s degree, I worked as an Android Developer for a very short time at a young fast-paced startup in Bangalore, India in the Food Tech space called Petoo.

  1. What made you want to join the RevGEN team?

As an intern, I joined Kriya with an expectation that I would be presented with unique challenging problems to solve, with no limitations to the tech I could use to solve them, and Kriya delivered! A combination of unique problems, free reign on tech and complete ownership of my projects is what made me stick around at Kriya RevGEN and is still what drives me to work every day!

  1. What is your favorite office lunch spot?

No favorites yet at Grapevine yet, but back at Irving, I loved Grimaldis and Olivella’s.

  1. What genre of music sets the mood for your workday?

Heavy Metal. The extended guitar solos really get me super productive!

  1. Name one thing about yourself that most people wouldn’t guess.

A lot of people think I am an indoor person, but I love to visit large cities and learn about the history that made the city what it is today.

  1. Hobbies?

When I’m not coding or catching up on the latest tech, I go cycling, play Video Games (Can never get tired of Civilization 5!) and watch a lot of YouTube.

  1. The most challenging and most rewarding part of your job?

Coming up with efficient solutions for each brand we work with. Each brand we work with has their own system. Although it is easy to hack together a solution that works for the brand, building a solution that is efficient is where the challenge comes in. The process of building and then delivering an elegant solution for the problem at hand is what is the most rewarding part of this job.

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