Resort Fees – The RevGEN Reply Episode 2 out now!

So why are resort fees the talk of the hospitality world this week, and why have things finally come to a head now? Be sure to watch our latest edition of the RevGEN reply to hear our takes on the latest resort fee drama.


If you’re late to the game, here’s a quick catch-up of what’s happened: announced back on 5/20 that they would be charging commission on resort fees. By 6/24, Expedia publicly announced that they would NOT follow suit, and by July 2nd, announced that they were ‘ruling out’ charging commission on the fees.


Adding further intrigue to the situation, it was also announced that Marriott was being sued for ‘deceptive’ pricing practices regarding resort fees. It is claimed that the fees were not transparent during the booking process, and that guests only became aware of their presence once already well in to the booking process.


In the latest episode of the RevGEN reply we touch on a few key points: The new transparency with which hotel brands are advertising their resort fees with possible litigation pending on the horizon, the resort fee and why it’s so popular as a bottom-line booster, the seeming arbitrariness that hotels used to decide on a resort fee, and the effect that charging a commission on resort fees might have on the major OTA players.


So what is the big deal with resort fees, and is the “wild-west” landscape of the resort fee finally changing with possible regulation looming on the horizon? Are resort fees a necessary evil to hit your hotel’s bottom line goals? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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