Have you ever needed a guide that you can share with your front desk teams to help them improve coding and be more confident when offering the various government rates? If so, then share this guide on your next revenue call to help clear things up!


Click here to download a pdf of our Government Cheat-Sheet


In case you didn’t know there isn’t one standardized form of ID for all government travel, as it is just too complex of a segment to have just one form of identification! Technically U.S. government is the largest traveler in the world, spending $17-$18 billion on travel per year!!!


Be sure to capture as many matching forms of ID as possible, but the way you would spot a guest who qualifies for the per diem would be:


  • Guest is paying with SmartPay Credit Card (be sure to match with at least one other form of ID)
  • Valid holders of a Common Access Card
  • Guests with official Military or Government Travel Orders
  • Guests with an FFRCD I.D. Card

Here is a link that will help you determine which FFRDC’s are active!

When it comes to contractors, keep in mind that most do not qualify for a per diem, but many are used to getting a per-diem. If you still want to capture this business, consider building a government contractor rate, or using your brand’s existing Government Contractor rate (Hilton, for example already has an SRP built for this segment).

Also, be sure that you are able to capture other forms of demand such as Military Appreciation, Family of Military, and Retired Personnel. Consider building out rate plans/discounts that capture these guests while also offering a fair discount that isn’t a per-diem rate.


Lastly, here are some useful resources you can use to register for your DUNS number, register for CAGE, SAM.gov, and FEMA!


We hope that this helps!