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We are working on rolling out an entirely new user interface with a smooth and slick appearance. We know you will love this new version with its better navigation, faster speed, improved analytics and a snapshot link that will auto log you into the portal to make it easier to use all our different modules. We are still working on some finishing touches, but once complete, using the portal should be an effortless experience.

Additionally, we are working on a Connect Module which will provide easily accessible data on your Connect website’s performance! By simply logging in to our portal whenever you like, you have the ability to view up-to-date analytics of your website’s performance. This easy to use module compiles the most important data when analyzing the health of a website, and even shows reservation-level data for your Connect website!

Dashboard - Google Chrome 2017-04-27 09.25.47Dashboard - Google Chrome 2017-04-27 09.25.04