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Building a competitive set for your rate shop

An accurate, relevant rate shop is one of the most important tools that a revenue manager can have in their arsenal. In this blog we’ll share the best ways to set up your rate-shop competitive set!   Here are some of the factors you should weigh when assembling a compset   Proximity – How close are your competitors? As a


What is RevPAR anyway?

RevPAR is the Hallmark index of hotel revenue management because it is all encompassing; RevPAR incorporates both occupancy and ADR into one, easily digestible number.  The RevPAR, or Revenue Per Available Room equation is as follows:   Room Revenue / Rooms Available for Sale = RevPAR or Occupancy % * ADR = RevPAR    RevPAR is so useful because it


Hotel Revenue Management Lesson: Inventory Restrictions

Inventory Restrictions There are several different ways to restrict what kind of reservations you receive at your hotel.  The most broad and indiscriminate is a property wide restriction or ‘House’ restriction.  The most common are Minimum length of stay restrictions, Maximum Length of Stay, and ‘Close-to-Arrival’ restrictions, although there are other, more rarely used restrictions such as Closed to departure.