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Do you have a website currently hosted by one of those out of the box “hotel website” companies?  Are you unhappy with the paltry results of your hotel vanity site?  Do you get an ugly Excel report once a quarter from the aforementioned hotel website company showing out of date website results and lots of other useless information?  Are you locked into a long-term contract with a huge price tag for an outdated site? Do you wish you had someone to write fresh and updated content for your hotel website?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you need to explore Kriya RevGEN’s Connect website service.  Not only do we offer fresh, modern and attractive hotel websites on a pay-for-performance model (not a high, monthly flat fee) we are now also rolling out a sophisticated Connect Portal in the coming months.  With the Connect portal, you’ll now be able to check on your hotel website traffic, conversions, sources and much more at THE RESERVATION LEVEL whenever you want! We’ll integrate the data we currently collect with website traffic data to provide more insightful results.  You’ll be able to tell not only how much traffic your site is getting but answer the questions of how the traffic is getting to your site and who is actually booking? How does that compare to a once a quarter Excel report? Yeah, no comparison.

Stay tuned for more updates on our Connect Portal, and if you’re interested in a Connect website demo and to be a part of our Beta Connect Portal test, please click here to contact us today!