Top SEO Trends 2018

Top SEO Trends 2018

As we all know, the Google algorithm is changing almost constantly to deliver better and more convenient search results to users. How have you prepared your SEO strategy to keep your website successful in 2018? We’ve compiled a list of the top focuses for SEO professionals and website developers alike to make sure you stay on top of the SEO game for 2018.

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

This one is obvious, but we had to include it. Mobile has been in the spotlight for years now – and that’s not going to change anytime soon. We’re expecting the arrival of Google’s mobile-first index in the coming months and websites not optimized for peak mobile performance and responsiveness might start to see their rankings fall. Most SEO practitioners have worked for years now in accordance with best mobile practices to create responsive websites, but web developers will need to continue evolving and adapting to the mobile environment for the foreseeable future.

Structured Data

On the technical side of things, structured data can seem a bit intimidating. Working with experienced developers to implement optimized data into your website will help you build a site that is fully recognizable by all key features of search engine results pages. Our custom website development service utilizes structured data to not only build beautiful websites but also to ensure that your website is built from the ground up using the most up to date SEO practices.

Page Speed

Overall page speed and user experience will remain a big factor in search engine rankings moving forward, and web developers will want to make sure that all developments and updates to their websites keep page speed in mind. Optimizing images and limiting the use of complex code within the structure of your website will help in increasing page load times, especially on your website’s most visited pages. Test out your website’s speed by using Google’s own PageSpeed insights tool. 

Relevance & Trust

Rethinking how you manage the content on your website will be a necessary strategy for 2018, as Google increasingly places importance on the relevancy of the content on your website to search engine users. Alongside this emphasis on building relevant and organic content, building healthy link relationships will go a long way in increasing the ranking of your website.

All link backs are not created equal, and building better connections with other websites related to the content of your website should be a big focus for SEO professionals moving forward.

Voice Search

Voice search is on the rise whether you like it or not, and it’s pretty easy to make sure your website is visible in the voice search realm. Users often speak very differently than they type, voice search queries will start to look a bit different than general search engine queries. Shifting keyword focus from “hotels in Dallas” to “Where is the best place to stay in Dallas?” is a good example of how to rethink your 2018 keyword strategy in regards to the rise in voice search.

Kriya Connect

Are you looking to launch your own website or need help with ongoing SEO maintenance? Kriya Connect is here to help with custom website development as well as ongoing optimization to stay ahead of the SEO game. We provide an innovative web-based reporting dashboard for live analytics data, as well as a dedicated account professional for your custom website. Check out our full-service website development page for more information and beautiful website template designs!


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