Proper revenue management should begin at the reservation level and should encompass all hotel departments. We already use the Reservation Activity to ensure proper coding, police property overrides, and analyze our sources of business to ensure all channels are firing as planned. Now, our Reservation Activity highlights the top 100 room revenue producers to your hotel over the last 365 days and any reservation that has an ADR 25% below the rate of the day. By highlighting the top 100 producers, we involve the front desk team to exceed those guests’ expectations upon check-in.  By highlighting the rates below 25% of the rate of the day, we can quickly cut out low rated negotiated rates well below BAR and low rates sneaking in over event dates. We also improve the hotel’s coding and discover quickly the price points that the hotel is actually able to sell, not just what they think they are selling by looking surface level. Want to learn what’s hiding in your hotel’s data.  Sign up for a demo today!