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    Cloud-Based Data Collection, Analysis, and Reporting Simplified

    Do you want your life to be Easier, Smarter, and Better?

    Spider Analytics is here to do just that.

    Collecting the data for any of your branded or independent properties takes as much as a few days to as little as a few hours with little involvement on your team’s end. Spider Analytics streamlines the data sources including the multiple PMS’s and allows your team to easily monitor the portfolio in a consistent format. We pull reservation-level data allowing your team to flexibly slice and drill into the data to uncover revenue opportunities quickly and analyze the data as never done previously. We automate the forecast and budget process and we keep your entire team on the same page with our daily Snapshot emailed to your inbox each morning.

    Are you a hotel management company with multiple branded properties? We’ve got you covered. Kriya RevGEN specializes in optimizing your in-house revenue management. We automate reservation-level revenue management reporting for all brands and streamline them into the same cloud-based format. You can filter hotel portfolios by region, brand, revenue manager, etc. and you can code the market segments at the portfolio level so that you are comparing apples to apples. Brands have done a nice job of introducing price optimization tools into their toolbox, but the level of data analytics, ease of use, ability to run a revenue call from their dashboards is limited. If you’re still using spreadsheets to analyze your top line revenue, then please check us out!



    Snapshot: The easiest way to monitor your property daily ever. View yesterday’s pickup with drill-downs to the reservation level for a 365 day window, a fresh rate shop, automated forecasts, how you are pacing versus same time last year & budget, and reservation activity in a single dashboard.

    Day by Day Strategy: Where you’ll spend 75% of your time on your revenue call. Similar to the snapshot but more details including past STR indices by day, market segment level forecasts, transparent rate recommendations with bar based statistics, length of stay statistics, yielding analytics, and booking patterns.

    Rate Plan and Company Analysis: View and identify your top producers. Extremely helpful during RFP season to identify wish rate and displacement. Compare YOY pace and easily filter data by date range, market segment, and/or rate plans. Displays LOS patterns, revenue contribution and efficiency, and more.

    Market Mix: Drill-downs to view trends for market segments, rate plans, company profiles, and guest names. Uncover rate plans that are trending down on a 30 day moving average. Find new leads and provide sales with automated wish rates for all of the negotiated accounts based on stay pattern and displacement

    Portfolio Roll-up: Emailed to your inbox daily and with more analytics one click away. Compare market segment production, forecasts, budgets, pace, and STR data across your entire portfolio no matter the brand. See something interesting in one particular hotel? You’re just one click away to diving into that property’s modules already listed here.

    Our Boutique Hotel Revenue Management Service

    We do all of the work for you. Check our snapshot responses from the beach. Or don’t.

    Either way, this really is easier, smarter, and better.

    Everyone seems to revenue manage the same way. They look at their transient and group on the books, pickup, maybe a forecast, a competitive rate shop and then raise or lower rates. Not RM+ by Kriya RevGEN. If you want to take revenue management to the next level, you have to analyze your data at the reservation level to improve yielding capabilities and uncover sales leads. You have to review your bar based business mix to see if your rate is actually driving bookings or if it’s flat rated group and negotiated business filling your hotel. You have to get creative when your forecast is soft with promotions and placement strategies. And you have to do all of this every day for a 365 window.



    AM Snapshot response with strategy implementation

    Reservation activity review to uncover leads, highlight top guests, prevent overrides, and properly yield high demand dates

    365 day rate / yield / promotion implementation with focus on next 30 days

    PM checkup for same day / urgent changes as needed

    Adhoc requests (rate builds, sales guidance etc.)


    In-depth revenue strategy call with the hotel team

    STR Review with market segment and rate plan YOY stats

    Forecast and Budget Review

    Deep dive into companies, rate plans, groups, RFPs

    365 day rate / yield / promotion strategy review

    End date & new event review
    OTA strategy


    Budget Proposal

    Rate Plan Audit
    Government Per Diem update
    RFP/corporate account wish rate plan
    Goal setting – sales, market mix, STR

    Custom Website Development

    When is the last time you posted a blog to your website? Ok, please keep reading.

    Today’s hotel websites are set it and forget it. Your brand website provides two generic paragraphs and 5 photos. Yea, that will convert well. Your vanity was launched by some $500 a year company who you’ll never hear from again. Invest in a direct booking strategy with Connect by Kriya RevGEN that keeps up with the pace of search engines. We build our sites with custom content from scratch based on detailed keyword research. Our sites are clean, modern, and best of all, convert. We provide monthly content and SEM / SEO updates for your website and provide reservation-level ROI analytics. Best of all, we offer pay for performance models. Wow, that really is better.

    Custom Websites: Beautiful and modern designs to best highlight your hotel
    Pay-for-Performance Packages: Choose from two cost-effective models to fit your needs and only pay for bookings you receive!
    Mobile-Responsive: Cater to the growing mobile demand without sacrificing design
    Dedicated Account Executive: Personal assistance whenever needed
    ROI Reporting: No more Excel or PDF reports. Web-based dashboard to provide immediate insights into your site’s performance.
    Content Updates + Access to CMS: Keeps website fresh, inviting and search-friendly
    SEO Package: Optimize site for best placement and even beat out the big brands
    Monthly Optimization: Continue ranking well with regularly audits and content updates.


    E-Commerce and Web Presence Service

    Put your best foot forward online. But let us do it for you.

    Revenue strategy is so much more than setting rates. In today’s digital age, it’s more important than ever to make sure your hotel presents well on all your distribution channels.  The problem is that there are now dozens of places to sell your hotel online.  No owner/operator has time to make sure every channel has all the right high res photos, amenity details and sponsored listing management.  Allow Digital Strategy by Kriya RevGEN to maintain your digital channels.  Through monthly detailed audits and ad-hoc changes, we make sure your listings show up at the top regardless of the channel.



    Online Content Mgmt: Optimize and maintain consistency across all booking channels to maximize conversion / Expedia Portal Mgmt: Analyze OTA stats to improve placement, bookings and conversion
    Sponsored Listings: Manage the bids to boost bookings and ROI
    Google (MyBusiness/Maps/+) Mgmt: Improve content and visibility for Google searches
    TripAdvisor Business Listing: Manage content, packages and promotions to drive property website bookings
    New Third Party Partnerships: Meet and negotiate with OTA market managers on your behalf to reduce commissions and increase your hotel’s distribution
    Monthly Audit Report: Review all channel performance and strategy changes implemented by our team
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