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Cloud-Based Data Collection, Analysis, and Reporting Simplified

Do you want your life to be Easier, Smarter, and Better?

Spider Revenue Management Platform is here to do just that.

So How Do We Do It?

Collecting the data from any branded or independent property system can be done in a few hours to 1-2 days with little involvement from your team. Spider Analytics streamlines the data sources including multiple PMS’s and allows your team to easily monitor the portfolio in a consistent format. We pull reservation-level data allowing your team to flexibly slice and drill into the data to uncover revenue opportunities quickly and analyze the data as never done previously. We automate the forecast and budget process and we keep your entire team on the same page with our daily Snapshot emailed to your inbox each morning.

Multi-Branded Management Group?

We’ve got you covered. Kriya RevGEN specializes in optimizing your in-house revenue management. We automate reservation-level revenue management reporting for all brands and streamline them into the same cloud-based format. You can filter hotel portfolios by region, brand, revenue manager, etc. and you can code the market segments at the portfolio level so that you are comparing apples to apples. Brands have introduced some price optimization tools into their toolbox, but the level of data analytics, ease of use, and ability to run a revenue call from their dashboards is limited. If you’re still using spreadsheets to analyze your top line revenue, check us out!


Snapshot: The easiest way to monitor your property daily ever. View yesterday’s pickup with drill-downs to the reservation level for a 365 day window, a fresh rate shop, automated forecasts, how you are pacing versus same time last year & budget, and reservation activity in a single dashboard.

Day by Day Strategy: Where you’ll spend 75% of your time on your revenue call. Similar to the snapshot but more details including past STR indices by day, market segment level forecasts, transparent rate recommendations with bar based statistics, length of stay statistics, yielding analytics, and booking patterns.

Rate Plan and Company Analysis: View and identify your top producers. Extremely helpful during RFP season to identify wish rate and displacement. Compare YOY pace and easily filter data by date range, market segment, and/or rate plans. Displays LOS patterns, revenue contribution and efficiency, and more.

Market Mix: Drill-downs to view trends for market segments, rate plans, company profiles, and guest names. Uncover rate plans that are trending down on a 30 day moving average. Find new leads and provide sales with automated wish rates for all of the negotiated accounts based on stay pattern and displacement

Portfolio Roll-up: Emailed to your inbox daily and with more analytics one click away. Compare market segment production, forecasts, budgets, pace, and STR data across your entire portfolio no matter the brand. See something interesting in one particular hotel? You’re just one click away to diving into that property’s modules already listed here.


Our Boutique Hotel Revenue Management Service

No matter the level of service, we do our best to drive revenue, take care of your requests, and most importantly, deliver peace of mind.

Using our proprietary Spider Analytics as well as the hotel systems, we respond to the daily snapshot with our reservation review, 365 day rate / yield / promotion strategy implementation and take care of any adhoc requests (rate builds, sales guidance etc.)

What we do on the revenue call

Since our team implements strategy changes on a daily basis, our revenue call goal is to cover the broader strategies that require property discussion. This includes our automated Kriya RevGEN RevPAK which generates from Spider for a comprehensive call packet in preparation to our discussion of the below topics:

Forecast and budget review
Deep dive into companies, rate plans, group, and RFPs
Event strategy
Brand initiatives
E-commerce updates
Blanket strategy changes

What we deliver beyond the typical services

Every week includes a Kriya RevGEN Spotlight Item that takes the revenue management strategy beyond just rates and inventory. On your weekly revenue call, your Revenue Manager will rotate between a between a System, Sales, Planning, or Digital Spotlight review which may include, but is not limited to the following:

  • RMS system preference/cleanliness check
  • Blanket strategy review
  • Sponsored listing management
  • Budget planning
  • Company/Account Analysis
  • E-commerce optimizations
  • Qualified Discount audit
  • Gov’t Per Diem audit
  • Meta search management
  • RFP completions
  • Promotion strategy
  • Room type analysis
Revenue Management Services - Kriya Revgen

Our All-Inclusive Digital Strategy Service

Revenue management’s best friend.

You can’t provide strong revenue management support with a weak digital presence. If nobody can find your hotel, where you price won’t matter.  As part of our Hotel Digital Strategy Service, your revenue manager will optimize your photos, content, and placement across all of your channels and manage all of your e-commerce needs. Our team will also help manage your digital spend campaigns, optimizing bids and budgets for the greatest return.  Just another way we are making your lives and hotels easier, smarter, and better.

What we optimize every revenue call

Review digital marketing spend & ROI
Complete ad-hoc requests
Audit one channel below

What we optimize in our monthly rotation

  • Google
  • Expedia
  • Trivago
  • TripAdvisor
  • GDS
  • Koddi
  • Digital Marketing Spend
  • Ad-hoc requests
  • And More!

Social Media Management

We partner with Revpar Media to provide social media management services. Revpar Media specializes in hotel social media management and provides everything from one-time social media consultation all the way to daily management, scheduling and posting on your hotel’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc. pages. Contact us for more details.

Custom Website Development

We partner with INNsight to create beautiful, high traffic websites for your hotels. Please contact us to learn more about custom hotel vanity and management group websites.

Our Proprietary Consulting Services

Over the past 7 years, Kriya RevGEN has worked with 800+ hotels in the Americas and APAC and worked on 50+ systems including all major brand systems. We specialize in partnering with hotel management companies of all sizes long-term and tailor our solutions and services to fit their needs. We specialize in creating efficiencies and cutting costs by automating all revenue management reporting needs whether through our Spider Analytics revenue management platform or via custom spreadsheets and reports.

We help management companies fill in their service gaps by providing full revenue management services, task-force services, training, and a la carte consulting. We help grow your revenue, provide peace of mind, and make your revenue management and e-commerce easier, smarter, and better. Here are just some of the a la carte, custom consulting services we offer:

Rate Plan Audit
Corporate account, group / contract displacement analysis and wish / walk rate analysis
Channel mapping / activation / cleanup
CRS & Channel Manager setup / audit
PMS selection
Booking engine selection
Brand selection / transitions
Property Strategy Deep Dive
Budgeting & forecasting at the market segment level
Brand revenue management system and concepts
Revenue management training, education, and mentoring
Revenue Management Services - Kriya Revgen

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